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Cost of things to consider when doing a ceremony.

Doing an event in Nigeria is very expensive. The event can either be wedding ceremony, naming ceremony or burial ceremony.

These are the major price of things to consider before doing a ceremony. We will just mention the major things to consider though they will be other things to consider. Also they price of this things vary depending on the location.

1 Event center or ground: Events centers are quite expensive now they range is from 150,000, 250,000, 500,000 1 million Naira or more depending on location. Event ground can be either school fields or compounds or car parks.

2 Cow: No ceremony in Nigeria can be done without eating meat. Cow is always the best option so that meat can be enough for guest. Price of cow rages from 100,000 - 250,000 Naira.

3 Drinks and bottle water: Drinks and bottle water are also essential parts of ceremony. Most supplied drinks are Coca-Cola, fanta, Bigi etc. A plastic bottle soft drink price ranges between 1000 - 1200 Naira per pack while bottle water is 500 Naira per pack.

4 Bag of rice: Off cause rice is the most consumed food in Nigeria. You can not do any ceremony in Nigeria without rice except you plan not to cook. A bag cost about 16,000 Naira.

5 Tomato and pepper: Tomato and pepper is an essential part of cooking. The price of tomato and pepper is not stable.

6 Canopies and chairs: With the advent of event centers some people that's all for canopies and chairs but that is not the case. Some canopies have now been modernised and in some cases where the hall is not enough for the guest extra space has to be created for guest outside the hall.

7 Asoebi: Asoebi is a thing to consider when doing a ceremony. It can be only accessories such as cap or gele, it can also be the full cloth. Asoebi price depends on the cloth material.

Others include:

8 Ground nut oil.

9 Cooking gas.

10 Fish.