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Agriculture You Can Do Without Stress For Extra Income.

1 Rearing of Chicken, Turkey or Goat In Your Compound: Rearing chicken life stock in your compound or environment is a good way to earning money and reduces food wastage. Most of these animals even get food for themselves.

2 Growing and Selling Flowers:  Growing flowers is at home for sell is also profitable business without stress you only need to wet it regularly.

3 Breeding Security Dogs: Dogs can be quite expensive to breed but also the profit on it is quite attractive when you sell puppies. It is less stressful it only require you to feed it at least two times daily.

4 Snail farming: Snail farming is probably the easiest thing to do that i have mentioned. It requires you to get tyres and regular feeding. Snail farming is quite easy but it takes a long time before it yields because it snails long time to grow.

5 Fishery: Owning a fish pond is also quite expensive but the returns are quite huge. Managing fish pond is easy if done properly. Consistency is what really matter.