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Top low cost food startup business.

Food is an essential part of human life, people would surely demand for food. We take through the low cost business you can do in Nigeria.

1 Eatery:
Eatery business is a common business in Nigeria but it's only the packaging that differentiate them.

2 Distribution of Raw Foods:
Buying raw foods from one part of the country and selling it in another is also a good business.
Most buy raw food like beans, pepper, rice etc. From Northern part of the country then sell it in the southern part of the country.

3 Bakery:
Bakery business is also a cheap business to do. It is also common among middle income earners.

4 Rearing of Animals:
Rearing of animals such as goat, chicken, ram, snail, Turkey etc. Is also a business that require low capital.

5 Making packaged snacks:
Making snacks such as plantain cheaps, Chin chin  etc. Is also a low cost business that it's products could be sold anywhere in the country.

Others include:

6 Making of Shawarma or Smoothies.

7 Packaged fruit salad.

8 Sales of barbecue.

9 Sales and distribution of packaged food such as Indomie, flakes.

10 Cooking and serving for events.