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Top Business done by Rich People in Nigeria.

Business in Nigeria that is commonly done by rich people is quite different from business done by average Nigerian.
Most rich people don't like to take too much risk, they don't want to invest in upcoming business or growing industry, they prefer to invest in a fully established industry and has history of generating money for investors.

We would take a look at the top ten most common business done by rich business men and women in Nigeria.

1 Petrol Station:
Building petrol station is a common thing among rich people in Nigeria. That is why you will always see petrol station every corner you go to in Nigeria. Petrol business has been known to generate lot of revenue for people.

2 Hotel:
Building hotel is also a common way of making money for rich people.
Most people love to relax and entertain themselves in Nigeria, hotel is always a great place for people to entertain themselves.

3 Real estate:
Real estate is also a common business because land value only appreciate. Houses last long and does not take much of the owners time making it easy for the owner on other things.

4 Shopping Complex or Mall:
Building shopping complex or mall is also a common business done by rich people it has the same features as building estates.

5 Owning a Standardised Eatery:
Rich people know that humans can not leave without feeding so they exploit this opportunity but they make it classy without stress.

6 Owning a Standard Bakery:
Bread is also one of the most consumed goods in Nigeria. The only thing rich people do is to make it more classy.

Others include:

7 Bottle water factory.

8 Event hall.

9 Car retailing company.

10 Radio station.