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Battle for supremacy between Nairaland and NNU. and are currently the two most popular forums in Nigeria.
We would compare Nairaland and NNU and also analys them.

Nairaland: is the most popular indigenous sites in Nigeria according to
It is also the most popular forum in Nigeria.

Owner: Seun Osewa

Global ranking: 1,308

Nigeria ranking: 10

Bounce rate: 28.30%

Visitors per day: 9.38

NNU: is an upcoming forum which emphasis on payment of readers as it main form of generating traffic which makes it popular among Nigerians.

Owner: Paul Samson

Global ranking: 19,118

Nigeria ranking: 62

Bounce rate: 23.90%

Visitors per day: 17:00


1 Why Nairaland is better NNU.

Nairaland has been around for a while now. Readers and writers on nairaland are not driven by money to read, post or comment thereby making it a good source of information to know how people feel about something, people on NNU just comment, read or write for the sole purpose of earning reward which makes its readers and writers not attentive to details.
Nairaland has also been a good source of traffic for bloggers has it allows bloggers to put their links on their post.

2 Why NNU is better than Nairaland.
NNU rewards it's  readers and writers thereby developing and empowering Nigerians at the same time giving them good information.
Nairaland has been criticised often has not transparent in their system. Nairaland mode of selecting front page is not that clear and it's owners and mods are not that open to people, it's mode of operation is not open to people even it's head office is not well known while NNU has more open system,the companies partners are known and people can be contacted on the site by calling their contacts which makes it more transparent.

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