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Highest Earning Movie production Studios in Nigeria.

1 Ebony Life films: 

Ebony life films is a films is a production studio owned by Mo abudu which is based in Lagos.
They produced some of the most grossing movies in Nigeria.
They co-produced The Wedding Party 1 and 2 with Inkblot and fifty movie. They also produce many series which are shown on their channel (channel 165) on dstv. The produce series such as fifty the series, the caliphates etc.

2 Inkblot Productions:

 Inkblot Productions is a Lagos-based production company, founded with the goal of creating high quality, commercially viable films and television shows for Nigerian and international audiences.
Our first project, Knock, Knock (2013), was a web-series of 4-6 minute episodes that were written and shot to be viewed on the Internet.
Since then, we have produced four movies, including, "The Department" (2015), "Out of Luck" (2015), "The Arbitration" (2016), and "The Wedding Party" (2016).
"The Arbitration" and "The Wedding Party" have both been selected as part of the City-to-City program of the 41st Toronto International Film Festival, 2016.
"The Arbitration" is currently showing in cinemas across Nigeria, and
"The Wedding Party" is set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, 2016.

3 Cooperate World pictures:

 They also a movie production studio based in Lagos.  They are known to produce movies regularly. They are produced the third and fourth most grossing movies in Nigeria which are "A trip to Jamaica" and "30 days in Atlanta".

4 Golden Effects:

 Golden Effects Pictures is a limited liability company incorporated in July 2005 as a film production company.
The Company’s core competence in its vast experience are in film production, editing, film equipment rentals, and film consulting and we strongly believe in making generally accepted and socially conscious films for the public consumption without compromising standards.
Golden effects studio owned by kunle afolayan has been  producing one best and most grossing Nigerian movies over a long time. Some of the movies credit to them are The figurine, October 1, The CEO etc.

 5 Mainframe Films and Television Productions (usually known as Mainframe Studios or Mainframe Films ) is a film production company founded in 1991 by Nigerian cinematographer and film producer, Tunde Kelani . Since its establishment in 1991, the production company had produced several notable Nigerian films.

Year Film
1993 Ti Oluwa Nile 1
1993 Ti Oluwa Nile 2
1993 Ti Oluwa Nile 3
1994 Ayo Ni Mofe
1994 Ayo Ni Mofe 2
1995 Koseegbe
1997 The White Handkerchief
1998 O Le Ku
1999 Saworoide
2000 White Handkerchief
2001 Thunderbolt: Magun
2002 Agogo Eewo
2004 The Campus Queen
2006 Abeni
2006 The Narrow Path
2008 Life in Slow Motion
2010 Arugba
2011 Maami
2014 Dazzling Mirage

6 The Nollywood Factory:

 The Nollywood Factory (TNF) is an international entertainment production company with offices in the United Kingdom and Nigeria.
TNF has interest in Film Production, Stage and Television productions, Music Videos, business promotion and marketing services including Advertising, Commercials, and Corporate Events coverage.
Nigeria's film industry, Nollywood is the third largest producer of feature films in the world. The earliest Nollywood films were straight-to-video productions. The story is different today. Many Nollywood films receive their world premieres in British, American or Nigerian Cinemas before coming out on DVD. With an annual revenue mark approaching half a billion dollars a year, the world is seriously taking notice and Nollywood is evolving fast with film producers keen to break into wider international terrains paying more attention to not just the storylines but to the overall quality of productions - acting, cinematography, costumes, sound and effects.

The Nollywood Factory (TNF) team have been a part of the Nollywood phenomenon for more than 10 years. Based in the UK and Nigeria, TNF is set to revolutionise Nollywood feature film productions, television programmes and short films for the Nigerian and international music industry.
We are the most visionary and ambitious multifocal production company serving not only the Nigeria's fast-growing film industry but also the African and African diasporic entertainment and business services community.
At TNF, we write, direct, shoot, edit and market feature films, television programmes, and music videos.
We also cover business events and produce press-ready videos and audio clips for radio.
Where there is need for a television commercial, our team of visualizers, copywriters, recording staff and our pool of both celebrity and non-celebrity talents come together as a great team, and together we work to position the advertiser powerfully within her competitive environment.

Others are:

7 Royal Art Academy.

8 Olasco films.

9 koga studios.

10 Media GH.