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Here are the 5 apps that every entrepreneur should use

Here are the 5 apps that every entrepreneur should use

12 Jun 2018: Here are the 5 apps that every entrepreneur should use

Are you a self-starter, energetic, creative and determined individual? Simply, in one word are you an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur does not only chase his/her dreams, ideas and convert them into something tangible but also has to keep himself/herself motivated, maintain a work-life balance, manage a gazillion of things and a lot more.

So, here are 5 apps which may help you strike 'that' balance.

Track Time: Toggl: Keep a track of every minute and increase productivity

Do even after a tight-packed day filled with long hours of meeting, brainstorming and running everywhere for work, you have a pending to-do list?

If so, then keep a track of your every minute, rather every second using this insanely simple app called 'Toggl' and increase your productivity.

It is basically a timesheet app which helps you track your work hours.

Coding: Turn into a techie from a non-techie with 'Programming Hub'

In this time and age, every internet entrepreneur should know how to code. Even if you have a code wizard as one of your co-founders, you should spend time to learn coding.

Look no further, you can learn all the top programming languages including Java, C++, HTML, Python etc. using the app called 'Programming Hub'.

It offers 1800+ programs in 17+ languages.

How?: Managing too many social networks? Do it all with 'Buffer'

Not only for entrepreneurs but for almost everyone, one of the most challenging tasks in today's cut-throat competitive world is to keep a tab of social life.

The app called 'Buffer' helps you manage all your social media accounts, be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or even LinkedIn from one place.

It also lets you schedule social media posts to ensure your brand's consistent presence.

Teamwork: Manage all your team communications with 'Slack'

Be it a small or a big organization, managing your team's communication can become a tedious task.

You can solve your team communication worries with the app called 'Slack' which does not only serve as a messaging platform for the entire organization but also lets you create and assign tasks to your team members.

It also allows sharing of documents and customizes notifications.

Motivation: Shed away all negative vibes with 'Self Motivation Daily'

Well, the road to one's dream is not all-levelled. But to reach your destination, it's important to stay motivated, especially when the road gets a little bumpy.

Get your daily dose of motivational quotes with 'Self Motivation Daily'. It also allows you to set a notification time for the inspirational messages.

On particularly dark days, that's all one needs.