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Social Media Marketing Tutorial

Want to get an overview of social media marketing quickly? What to learn basics of Social Media Marketing in a nutshell? If yes, this concise yet informative Social Media Marketing tutorial will fulfill your requirements.

Social media penetration is at almost 2.8 billion active users worldwide

Social media penetration is at almost 2.8 billion active users worldwide (and growing) at the moment. This is a huge number. When such a large number of the world population is on social media networks, Marketers cannot afford to miss reaching out to them via this medium. In this Social Media Marketing Tutorial in the form of an article, you will get to know the definition of social media marketing, social media channels overview, how to create social media strategy followed by social media marketing video tutorials.

So, let’s begin with the definition of social media marketing.

What is Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the process of promotion of products or services using different features of social networks.

Some of the most popular social media networks are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat.

People use these social networks primarily to connect with their friends. But they also use it to follow the brands they like for latest offers or updates. Facebook is the big daddy of social networking and will cross 2 billion user base anytime soon. This means that if a brand is not promoting itself on social media, they are missing a big pie of business!

Social Media Channels Overview

Facebook has already crossed 2 billion user base by end of June. And India is the largest country for it with more than 241 million monthly active users! Mark Zuckerberg announced the milestone of crossing 2 billion users on 27th June with the following post:

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Post announcing 2 billion people on Facebook

If you see the image below taken from a latest joint report “Global Statshot” by We Are Social and Hootsuite, you can observe that the top most social media channels right now in the world are:

Top Social Networks Worldwide

Let me give you an overview of some of these important channels one-by-one:


Using Facebook, you can market to almost all sets of customers using Pages, Groups, and  Ads. B2C as well as B2B. Why I mentioned B2B because almost every social media user is present on Facebook. So, with the right targeting, you can reach out to the business customer too on it.Facebook allows deep targeting through its Ads Manager and Power Editor. You can promote your content or create an ad campaign to reach out to target customers based on age, location, gender, interests, devices, and networks.You can also save these audiences (called custom audiences). And to expand your reach further you can also create Lookalike audience based on your custom audience, which means audience which is similar to your custom audience.With each Facebook ads account, you get a unique Facebook Pixel (which you have to add to header tag on your website’s code). Here’s detailed post on Facebook marketing.


Instagram is owned by Facebook and enjoys current user base of more than 700 million worldwide. Being a mobile first platform, it is increasingly popular among teenagers and young adults. So, if you are a brand target young customers, you must have a presence on Instagram. Moreover, the Ad Platforms of Instagram and Facebook are deeply integrated with each other. So you can extend the reach of your existing Facebook ads to Instagram or launch Instagram ads in solitude too. Here’s detailed post on setting up and utilizing Instagram for business.


LinkedIn is very popular among corporate professionals, primarily for networking with each other. This makes it an excellent marketing platform for B2B marketers. You can create company page as well as groups on LinkedIn to market your products or services.LinkedIn also has its own ads platform to launch CPC or CPM based ads to generate leads. You can also purchase InMails to directly message the person of your choice in their inbox. This is particularly useful is you are connected to the person, to whom you want to reach out for your business. Here’s an article to learn details about LinkedIn marketing.