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Business You can do in Ramadan.

 As the month of Ramadan is around the corner they are many business you can do as a Muslim to earn money for your self while fasting is going on.
1 Selling of Dates nut for people: You  might think that they enough people selling dates during Ramadan fasting period but the facts is that the demand for date is very htigh no matter were you are you would still see your own to sell especially if you can get the fresh one and package it very well.

2 Selling of fruits:  People buy fruit a lot when they want to break their fast, these make fruit selling a good business to invest your money during Ramadan.

3 Selling Islamic books: People tend to be more religious during Ramadan fasting period, selling is Islam teaching books and prayers books around around  mosque is not a bad idea.

4 Pasting Ramadan lecture poster: You can also create gigs to the alfa's, imam’s and scholars about pasting their lecture Ramadan lecture posters as they would like to do public Ramadan lecture.

5 Designing poster as earlier said most people would want to public lecture, you help them design posters. All you have to do is just convince them that you are good at designing posters.

6 Rental services: You can also rent chairs, micro phone, cooler, canopies, et cetera to organisations holding lectures.

7 Sell Quranic audio recitation of different reciters to people and you can also scholar's and alfa's audio to people.

8 Sell general care stuff around intikahf mosque. Intikahf is a period were people spend the last ten days in the mosque. You can sell general care stuffs like soap, brush, tissues, et cetera around the mosque.

Things to avoid while selling.

1 Don’t sell or negotiate inside the mosque: It is prohibited to trade or negotiate inside the mosque.
You can trade and negotiate around the Mosque premises but not inside the  mosque.

2 Don't sell books or audio lectures with teachings that against Islamic ideologies or bad scholars teachings.
Don't sell books that is based on  sect such as ahmadiya, Sufi, Shia, Boko Haram etc.

3 Don’t lie to people while selling: It is not advisable to lie to people during Ramadan as it is a sin in the holy month it's self.

Thank you for reading this and let's know your view on this.

As salaam alaykum, Ramadan Kareem.