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Off-grid solar house launched in Lagos

The first off-grid solar house has been launched in Lagos. The project was carried out by Concept Technologies, a renewable power solutions company, in collaboration with Fossil Drag Nigeria Limited.

The launch was attended by dignitaries from the government and private sector.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Concept Technologies, Mr. Tokunbo Tonade, the initiator of the project, the five-bedroom bungalow solar house is powered by a 12.6kw solar off-grid system that runs 94 per cent on the power of the sun and six per cent on diesel during cloudy weather,

He said off-grid meant that the solar house had been disconnected from the national electric system.

The solar house has been running without a blink since September 3, 2016, according to the CEO.

Tonade stated that the solar energy-powered house, located in Ejigbo, Lagos, was generating 12.6Kw of electricity per hour.

According to him, it powers all the appliances in the building including six air conditioners, one water pump, three bathroom water heaters and two fridges.

Other appliances being powered in the house are: five LED televisions, pressing iron, microwave oven, electric kettle, exercise treadmill machine and 70 units of electric bulbs.

Tonade, the founder of Concept Technologies, said the company’s research into the poisonous effects of carbon emission coming from generator fumes and its danger on the ozone layer of the earth, led the company into the world of renewable energy.

He highlighted how a former Vice-President of the United States, Al Gore, inspired him to explore the world of renewable energy.

This, he said, led to the completion of the first off-grid solar house in the country.

“There is still much to be done in terms of taking this project to every home. Beyond this, the company has a vision to build solar estate in every state in Nigeria,’’ he added.

Speaking at the event, the Chairman of Ejigbo Local Council Development Area, Mr. Bello OLoyede, said the cost of running the council would be reduced if the cost of running its generator was reduced.

As such, he said the council would adopt solar energy.

The Chairman, Isolo Local Council Development Area, Shamusudeen Olaleye, who was also at the event, recalled that his council secretariat had been in darkness in the past three months because it was disconnected from the national grid following a number of issues.

He said the innovative solution brought by Concept Technology would revolutionise the power sector and the economy in general.

A business tycoon at the event, Mr. Dipo Akinyele, said the initiative, like similar others, needed to be celebrated and encouraged to expand.

“We need more innovations like this. We cannot continue to be comfortable in mediocrity as a country,” he said.

The Executive Director, Operations, Concept Technologies, Gbemisola Tonade, said constant power would help to achieve accelerated growth and development.