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Content that generate most traffic for blogs in Nigeria.

If you are into blogging without a particular content it may be difficult for you to generate substantial income from your blog. If you are thinking of specializing in a particular content Nigeria you may want to consider the following.

1 Entertainment:
General entertainment has been  one the top traffic generators. Nairaland is an example were most of the front page topics come from the entertainment topic. Nigerians love entertaining themselves.
Top blog can be found in this section like, and the likes.

2 Celebrity gist: 

 This has to do with the current trending gist in the world of celebrities. It involves issues on who is beefing who, who is getting married or pregnant etc.

3 General news: 

 General news involve posting recent and trending news most especially in Nigeria. This requires you to be current and post frequently. It requires serious dedication. Blogs in include, etc.

4 Music:
 Music is one Nigerians favourite aspects of life. Nigerians love music and with the growing Nigeria music industry with a lot of international collaboration you will wonder why music won't be on this list. Popular blogs in this category include, etc.

5 Fashion: Yes fashion. 
 It involves pictures of the best dressed and worst dressed. Analysis of dresses both for celebrities and non celebrities. It also involve red carpets at events. Popular blog in this category includes, etc.

6 Events: 

 This includes wedding parties, music concert, shows etc. Event is just simply places where things are happening around the country. Blog in this category include: owambeparries, naijaevents etc.

7 Pre wedding:
 This involves pics and behaviour of people before there wedding. Pre wedding features captivating pictures that may motive you to do your wedding or want to  wed again.

8 Tech:

 This involves latest news, gist, innovation in the world of tech. It features new tech products like mobile phone etc.

9 Web blog:

 This involves blog on how to blog itself, own a site itself, make money online. It features site like,

10 Politics:

 Politics involves discussion of latest issue in the world of politics. 

Others include:
General Sport