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14 Ways to Make More Money From Email Marketing

So you want to make some money from your email list?

Welcome to the club!

Really, it has never been easier to start making some money online.

Your subscribers list can be an absolutely massive source of income…

…if you do it right.

Today, I’m going to show you how you can start tapping your list to make more money from email marketing.

Buckle up, let’s do this.

Here are 14 ways to monetize your email list.

# 1. Build a Bigger List

Sort of obvious, yes. But also very true. It’s a lot easier to make more money off your email list when you have more people to sell to.

This means stepping up your game when it comes to your landing pages, opt-ins, and incentives. Don’t be lazy and “hope” people will be inspired to sign up, it doesn’t work that way.

Make joining your list so irresistible that anyone who comes to your website can’t wait to sign up.

One great way to make this happen is by adding PopUp Domination to your website.

# 2. Give Them Value

I preach this one a lot, but it’s so true. You have to give to your list.

Give them lots and lots of value. If that means using a product or two as a loss leader to show them you’re serious, then consider it. That also means not hitting them up with tons of sales pitches right from the start.

Make your readers feel like they are getting so much awesome stuff from you for free, and it will be a no-brainer when it comes time to buy when you offer a product.

# 3. Embrace Affiliate Marketing

Here’s the caveat with this: don’t spam your list!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, realize that you have a huge opportunity to make money off your list with affiliate marketing.

When you come across a great product that’s complementary to the product or service you offer, tell your list about it.

# 4. Create Your Own Product

It’s never a bad idea to own something in your little corner of the internet. When you have a list of people who are already interested in you and what you have to say, looks like you have tailor made audience right there.

So use it. Dig into the data, ask your list about their struggles and come up with a high quality product to fix them.

Then, tell your list about the product. Tell them it will solve their problems. Since they already trust you, it becomes a much easier sell.

# 5. Re-target Abandoned Carts

If you’ve ever run an ecommerce site you’ll know you will have some shoppers who abandon their carts. The question is, are you really ok with that?

Didn’t think so.

Instead of calking it up to that’s the way it goes, re-target them. Follow up and ask them why they didn’t buy (sometimes it’s not why you think). Send them a link to get back to their cart, or even offer them a discount to get them shopping again.

# 6. Segment

Are you segmenting yet? We’ll you should start doing it now. Take it off the back burner.

When you segment your list you can start to understand who your “buyers” are and who are just along for the ride. These true fans are the people you want to target.

When you’ve got your buyers segmented into their own list, you can then easily approach them with upsells. Get an autoresponder that specifically targets the buyers on your list and you’ll see more money in your bank account.

# 7. Use Reviews

Another good way to sell without really selling directly is to do reviews. Target products and services that can help not only your, but also your readers businesses.

You can write in depth product reviews (with your honest opinion) and share those with readers and your list.

If you use the review as a way to show people how it improved your business and how it can improve theirs, then that’s valuable. A lot more valuable as opposed to just sending out a link to the product via email and asking people to buy.

# 8. Paid Subcriptions

A lot of people are getting traction by offering a paid subscription newsletter. You can market it to your list as a way to get even more premium content for a monthly fee.

The key here, obviously, is to make sure the premium content you’re giving them is truly premium. You want them to be able to feel right away that they’re getting their moneys worth.

You also want to make sure you’re not giving that content away anywhere else. So don’t just purpose some old blog posts as “premium” content, that’s an easy way to turn off your list.

# 9. Replay Promotions

If one of your email campaigns worked like gangbusters once, then why not use it again?

This is where testing and tracking comes in to play. You should be monitoring all of your campaigns and promotions to see what has given you the best success rates.

Once you do that, it’s very easy to run though your successful campaigns again. Chances are, you’ll pick up at least a few new buyers who weren’t ready to buy before but are now.

# 10. Improve Your Copy

You might have an amazing list and the perfect product or service to sell. But, if you crappy copy? You’re not going to get anywhere near the results that you want.

That’s where good copy comes into play. Work on improving your email sales copy (that includes the subject line) and you’ll see your purchase rates increase just on that alone.

If you don’t have the time or skill to get good at copy, outsource it to someone who can do it. You’ll see that the costs associated will come back in new buyers.

# 11. Share Past Posts

More often than not, some of your greatest content is hardly ever seen on your site by new visitors. Solve that problem by incorporating some of your best posts into your emails.

Doing this does a couple of things. It gets back to the idea of adding a bunch of value to your list. By sharing posts you know they would get something out of you’re building a good relationship with your list.

Plus, if you have reviews and ads in your posts, these new views will increase the chances of clicks, bringing in more revenue for you.

Remember, your own content comes first, here’s why your content always sucks.

# 12. Have a Balance

The most well run email lists are those that have a balance and manage the expectations of their subscribers. You’re never going to succeed if you fall too far one way or the other when it comes to selling and not.

That’s where the balance comes into play. Let your readers know from the get go what they can expect with your list, and don’t bombard them with unexpected sales pitches. That’s a very good method to use if you want more unsubscribes.

Instead focus first on offering value and building relationships, and then start slipping in those offers and promotions you know will help your readers.

# 13. Offer Coaching

Your readers come to your site generally because they need help or want to learn something from you, from your own skill set.

So why aren’t you capitalizing on that? You should be. Chances are there will be a handful of people on your list who will gladly pay you for your advice, knowledge and help.

Create a quick outline on how your coaching will work and offer it to your list. Tell them you’ll take only a handful of people on a limited time offer. The results might end up surprising you.

# 14. Surprise them With Free Stuff

Everyone likes surprises. And everyone loves surprises that involves free stuff.

So, use that idea with your list. Create a couple of pieces of content that you know will appeal directly to your subscribers and help them out.

Then offer up that free content as a “surprise bonus” every few weeks. Your list will end up loving your free gifts and it will go a long way towards really solidifying a positive trusting relationship.

There you have it, 14 ways to make more money from email marketing.

If you try even just a handful of these tips on your email list, you’re going to start seeing results.

Remember, always take the pulse of your list to be sure you’re giving them the content they want. Once you do that, it’s going to be a lot easier to make money with your email marketing because you’ll know what to offer.

It doesn’t take much selling (if you do it the right way) before you’ll have a list that adds money to your bank account on a regular basis.

Sounds pretty good, right?

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