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How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2017 with 30 Examples

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria – Discover 30 Secrete Ways to Make Over N500,000 Every Month into your Bank Account in Nigeria. The best way to make money online is to learn from experts. That’s what this blog is all about. Here you will see the latest online money making opportunities and other online businesses in Nigeria. publishes Beginner’s Guide on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria. Here, we teach you various ways to generate income from the internet. Some of the topics I teach here are; Blogging tips, Affiliate Marketing, Information Marketing, Online Freelancing, Google AdSensee and more.
As a matter of fact, this site you are reading makes at least $2500 dollars per month. This amount is very small just because it’s still new (about a year old). With it’s potential, it will make more that $20,000/month in the next 3-5 years. I will show you evidence later.
Here, I will also teach you how to create your own online products such as eBooks, apps, softwares etc and sell it to people who needs them and make extra cash online.  I will also teach you complete affiliate marketing strategies you can use to double your income.
You will have a lot to learn here if you are very attentive. I took my time to share fast way of making money in Nigeria 2017. Again, be ready to take action after reading it because there is no amount of reading will make money for you if you don’t implement the knowledge you learn.
There are many ways to make money online in Nigeria. In fact, there are over 100 ways you can make money in Nigeria. I am going to show you how to make money online in Nigeria fast. These are the strategies that most experts like us use to unlock internet wealth for free.
Also, I am going to show you those ideas that are currently working in Nigeria today. This blog has  a complete guide for anyone who wants to make money online in Nigeria.
If you are smart enough, you can pick one or two of the online business ideas to maximize your income online.
Before I start, let look at the Nigerian Internet Marketplace and how it works.

How is Internet Used in Nigeria?

According to Internet Live Stat, Nigeria is currently the 8th largest users of the internet globally. This statistics speaks a lot about the potential of internet in Nigerian economy.
The Nigerian  population is large (over 180 million plus people and growing) and everyday, over 50 million Nigerians use Google or other search engines to find information from the internet.
The availability of mobile devices make internet accessibility to be so easy. Anybody can just access internet anywhere in the country.   That’s the reason why eCommerce thrive so well in Nigeria.
The implication is that, anything can be done on the internet. There are over 100 internet business ideas you can pick and exploit the market. You can develop virtually anything on the internet; bet it online store, tools, software, apps, blogs and more.
In this blog, I will explain many ways you can make money online in Nigeria and elsewhere.
Lets start…

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria

Basically, the only way to make money online is to provide a service or sell a good to someone behind another computer connected to the internet. You can even make money online in Nigeria without paying money to start. Just like any other business, to make money online, you will either need to invest your time, money or both.

How do I make Money Online in Nigeria?

Unfortunately, many people to wrote on how to make money online do not know how to do it. In my case, I have so many sources of online income. Most of them cannot be documented.
I basically make money from the following;
  • (1) Google AdSense,
  • (2) Affiliate Marketing,
  • (3) Information Marketing (product sales),
  • (4) Direct Advertising,
  • (5) Premium Services (Freelancing).
See some of the evidence are shown below;

1. Google AdSense

The below picture is my 3 months AdSense earning dashboard. I had to engrave a link to  free online business training registration page – to avoid indiscriminate use of the image online. I receive the money directly into my bank account here in Nigeria.

Adsense Earnings Dashboard 1 (click the image to see the larger picture)

Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2015

AdSense Earnings Dashboard 2 (click the image to see the larger picture)

This one is a brief daily, weekly and monthly earning from Google AdSense.

2. Information Marketing, eBooks and Premium Services.

Here is my bank state for one month. I basically sell a very cheap eBook for only N1,000 and so many people buy them because they are useful.
Bank Statement for August 2015 (click the image to see the larger picture)

Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2015Check the date! I cut out the middle of the month… It was just so lengthy
Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2015
That’s  how I made over 500k in a month in brief. I am simply selling a very simple information. The money increased from 600k plus balance to 1.3 million plus in the same month. That’s the power of online business.

3. From Affiliate Marketing

I also make money online from affiliate marketing and I receive the money here in Nigeria.
See some evidence below.
(a) Commission Junction: I make some dollars from commission junction affiliates. You can click the picture to see the full image
Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2015
(b) Konga Affiliate: I also make money online from Konga affiliate (the amount is in the blue circle)
Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2015
Those are my documented source of online income. If you add up all the sources, it may amount to about N400,000 every month.  So stop waiting for white collar job, start something. You never can tell what will work well for you. I have other services I render to people online to make money too. You can check out the hire me mage.

About My FREE Internet Business Training

I am conducting an email only training on internet business (emails only). So, if you are not in the training list, consider registering here. Our training is 100% free.
After that, I do publish some of the lessons on the blog section of this website.
These are the topics I cover;
That’s a brief about me and this website and what we do. So, let’s go into different ways that experts use to make money online in Nigeria.
 Let’s start…

Why Should you Start an Online Business?

See the five reasons below
  1. Low Startup Capital: Unlike running a traditional business that you need to sort-out money to rent a shop space, you do not need to have a physical store or physical outlet to showcase your inventory. So, in this way, you save a lot of startup capital. See: How to Make Money Online Without Any Investment with a FREE Blog
  2. Always Open for Business: For example, if you have a website and its 24/7 ready to accept payment, anyone can pay you anytime anywhere in the world
  3. Work Anywhere you want: For me, sometimes I work in cafĂ©, sometimes I work from home. So it’s up to you and you have the flexibility to work anywhere you want. With online business, you can sit at home and become rich.
  4. Access to Global Market: You have access to global market instead of just a local market. As for me, most of my student for my online course comes from the countries that are outside of Singapore where I live in. So, to go to tap on the global market that have a very huge potential
  5. Cost Saving: As compared to year ago when I have a physical classroom to conduct my class, now I conduct my class online, so I save the rental, I save the logistics, I save the transportation cost. SO, there are lots of costs that you can save if you decided to run an online business

Five Types of Online Business you can start

In this section, I am going to share with you 5 different types of online businesses that you can consider to start in the future.
  1. Selling Physical Products: The most type of online business is selling physical products. For example, if you manufacture, you design, or you create handicraft, you can then sell these physical products through a website. So you can setup a shopping or eCommerce website and you can put all your items online and when people come to your website, they can just payment. After you receive the payment, you can send them the product9s) that they have ordered. The disadvantages of selling physical products are that you have created your own products or buy these physical products from somewhere else before you can ship it to your customers.
  2. Selling Digital Products: What I mean by digital product are products like eBooks, online videos, audios or software. These are products that are not tangible. When people purchase it, they will receive link to download. So you don’t need to package and ship them out to your customers address. The advantage of this business model is that you do not need to create a physical product and ship them out to people who ordered for them. This business has low maintenance as compared to selling physical products.
  3. Selling Services Online: There is a website called where you can find a lot of people offering their services to you for a small fee. For certain services, only $5 will do. So, If you do services like logo design, drawing of graphics, writing of articles, online marketing, video animation, and programming. You can offer these types of services online through this very popular platform called Fiverr. Simple go to Fiverr and list your services.
  4. Selling Other People’s Products or Services: This is a very common type of online business. Here instead of selling your products or service, you are selling other people’s products or services. This is commonly called affiliate marketing. How is works is that, if I am an affiliate, I don’t need to have my own products, I don’t need to provide my own services, All I need is to go online and search for other peoples products or services and become their affiliate to promote their product. Take for example, if you go to Amazon, you can see that amazon offer a program called Amazon Associates. If you join the associate program, you will get affiliate link from Amazon. So, then you can to promote any Amazon product. You can send your affiliate links to your friends and it your friends click on your affiliate links and go to Amazon and purchase any product from Amazon, you earn a commission of the sales. That’s how it works. The grate advantage of affiliate marketing is that you do not need to have any of your own product or services. All you need to do is to join an affiliate program and you are good to go. Make sure that affiliate program have a lot of good products for you to promote.
  5. Selling Advertising Space: If you have a popular website, a blog or you have a popular newsletter, you sell an advertisement space to companies or to small businesses to help them to advertise their products or services. Of course, the disadvantage of this is that for many beginners who do not have a popular website or a popular newsletter, this will take a lot of time to build it up.

How Much Money Do you need to start an Online Business?

Let’s breakdown the financial requirements
  1. Domain name ($10 per year)
  2. Web Hosting ( $0.99 for first year with free domain name)
In order to have an online business, you will need to have a website or a blog. In order to have a website, you need two (2) things. You need a domain name and you need hosting. A domain name means the url that people have to key-in to find your website. For example my domain name is and that is the url I have registered. To register a domain name, it cost about $10 or less per year. You can register at
The second thing is a hosting. You need a hosting because your website need an online server to store your information. Hosting will give you the access of server space. Hosting will cost about $100 per year or less. For web hosting, I recommend three hosting companies – these are Bluehost, or Godaddy .
  1. Web Development:
Now that you know the price for domain name and hosting, the next thing is the web design. There are two ways to create your website.
  • You can learn and do it yourself, which is not that difficult especially with the introduction of WordPress. You can use WordPress to create website without learning programming.
  • You can ask someone to do it for you. So depending on your category or your criteria, it may cost from $500 to $5,000 depending on your requirement.
  • Product Development: If you are selling a physical product, you have to calculate how much the cost to manufacture the product is. If you buy the product from somewhere and resell it at a higher price, then you need to find out the price that you will pay for the product that you are selling. It’s more costly if selling a physical product. For affiliate marketing, there is no product development fee involved. So if you are starting an online business based on affiliate marketing, then you do not need to budget for the product development fee
  • Email Service Provider : Many people have not included this into their startup cost. These email service provider is a software that help you maintain communication with your subscribers, or your customers no matter how large is your customer base. For example if you have 50,000 customers, autoresponder can help you to maintain communication though email with these clients. There are many autoresponders you can use. Most popular one is GetResponse, I pay about $20-$30 per month to have GetResnponse auto-responder services. Getresponse is good because you can send bulk emails at once. If you are using your gmail, yahoo or Hotmail, you will not be allowed to many emails in one time. That’s why you need email service provider so that you can mass send emails to your customers whenever you have offers, promotions, and you can nurture your subscribers in the list using the outoresponse feature.

See the Best 30 Ways on How to make Money Online in Nigeria

Here are the top 25 ways to make money online in Nigeria plus 5 bonus points, making it 30 in all. I have also given example, links to read more and how to start them. Here, you will see the full list of money making opportunities in Nigeria 2017.
Let’s start…

1. Create a Search Engine

Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2015A web search engine is an internet  software that is designed for users to search for information on the World Wide Web.
A typical example is Google, Yahoo!, Bing,,

You can own your own search engine and make money from advertising and sales of ads spaces. At any level, search engine makes money if you know how to promote it to get more users.
Few people who owns search engine in Nigeria are now making millions. A typical example of Nigerian owned search engines are,, and more.
Owners of search engines make money online via advertising in the search results.
It isn’t hard to own a search engine of your own. There are ready made search engine crawler script your can buy now to build your fully optimized search engine website. Start with a cheap but fast web hosting here.

2. Start a Social Media and Forum

Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2015Don’t be afraid, just like Facebook, Twitter or Google+, you can start your own social media network here in Nigeria.
A social media network is a site that allows individuals to signup, interact with other peoples, share their knowledge and make new friends.
It doesn’t have to be as big as Facebook. You can even start small like a forum. Few people who start forum in Nigeria are now making it big.
Forum grows on it’s own because it’s the users that generate contents to make the site busy.
Example of top forums in Nigeria are Nairaland, Jackobian, Guruslodge and more. They make a lot of money each day from their forums through advertising, Google AdSense and email marketing.
It’s not hard to start a social media or forum. All you need to do is find a good niche, buy a social media scripts and install. There is a cheap WordPress Hosting from Bluhost that you can buy and start this business now.
Now, do the needed marketing strategies to promote your forum to get more users. People will come to advertise on your forum. You can use it to make money from Google AdSense or affiliate marketing.

3. Start Video Streaming Website

Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2015Watching videos online is becoming more popular now in Nigeria.
No wonder why YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine in the whole world after the Big G. Video streaming websites is one of the best way to make money online in Nigeria.
Do you know that over 500k people search for Nollywood films online every month? You can collaborate with movie marketers to stream high quality HD Nollywood movies to your views.
You can make money from subscription, paid download, Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing and direct ads space sales.
Few people who started video streaming sites in Nigeria are, , IrokoTV, IbakaTV, and more. They also create video channel on Youtube. They are making it big online.
It’s not difficult to start a video streaming website. There are ready made video streaming script you can buy a cheap WordPress Hosting from Bluhost and install on your site.  They are fairly cheap compared to the amount you will be making when it goes life.

4. Start Job Website or Job Search Engine

Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2015This is currently one of the best ways to make money online here in Nigeria.
Considering the growing numbers of jobless graduate in the country, over over 20 million people go online every month in search of jobs.
You can tap this opportunity by creating a job search website. You may not stop here.
You can go further to establishing a recruitment firm where you work directly with job owners or recruiters.
There are many people who have made it big from this online business idea in Nigeria. A typical example are Jobberman, Hotnigerianjobs, NGCareers, JoblistNigeria and others.
They make money from Google AdSense, sponsored job listing, direct ads space sales as well as personalized services such as CV making, headhunting, consulting and more. You can even do more conducting interview training and compiling and selling job interview questions.
It’s quite easy to start a job website in Nigeria. All you need is a ready made job theme, a cheap WordPress Hosting from Bluhost and you are good to go.
Read more on how to create a job website and make money from it.

5. Start an Online Store

Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in NigeriaThink and grow big. Online stores is currently growing in popularity in Nigeria. People now buys anything at the comfort of their home.
Not that they are lazy, but it’s just fun to shop from home and get your product delivered right to your door.
The pay on delivery system makes online shopping more popular. Buyers are not afraid of scam since they will only pay when the product are being delivered to them.
Wow! that is why Konga and Jumia rocks in Nigeria. In just three years Konga online store is now valued as a multi billion dollar business.
Currently, you can virtually sell anything online; ranging from digital product like eBooks, software, apps to physical products like electronics, phones, apparels, food products and more.
It’s becoming more easy to start your own online store.
In fact, you can start online store at any level. If you want to start in a large scale, you can use the services like Magento or Bigcommerce.
Bigcommerce makes it easy to sell online. You get a website, shopping cart, SEO, design, hosting and more. Try it for free!
This is where big shops that Konga and Jumia built their online store.
If you want to start your online store with a little budget, you can simple get a cheap WordPress Hosting from Bluhost and install WordPress, use premium shopping cart theme with WooCommerce plugin and your are good to go.
Let me create online store for you.

6. Start Affiliate Shop

Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria
Just like online store, you can build a fully affiliate shop and make more money from affiliate sales commission. This is rare but few people uses it to make money online. Affiliate shop is just like an online store.
The different is that you are not fully involve in the product sales and delivery.
Once the reader clicks on the “Buy Button”, they will be redirected to the merchant’s shop. Once they user buys anything from they, you will be paid a sales commission.
This is a new idea to make money online in Nigeria. A typical example is ShopDirect.NG (that site is for sell). All the links from the buy now buttons goes to Konga and Jumia shops.
It’s not difficult to create your online affiliate shop. All you need is cheap cheap WordPress Hosting from Bluhost a premium shopping theme and a Woocommerce plugin and you are good to go.
Read more on how to start affiliate shop and make money here.

7. Start Entertainment Blog

Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in NigeriaThis is rocking! Infact, 60% of Nigerians who visits internet everyday are reading entertainment blogs. They are actually interested in celebrity gossips, celebrity net worth, celebrity news and more.
Read: How to Start a Gossip Blog that Matters from Scratch
So, if you are passionate about entertainment, start a blog on it and you will never regret.
There are many entertainment blogs in Nigeria. Notable ones are Linda Ikaji’s Blog,, Bellanaija, Pulse.Ng, Jamb result and more. They churn out thousands on dollars from Google AdSense and big advertising contracts.
This is the easiest online business idea to start.
But you have to be careful because there is a lot of competition in the niche. Notwithstanding, you can still make it big if you have a working strategy.
Most of the working strategies are, getting a very cheap cheap WordPress Hosting from Bluhost  and installing compelling entertainment website template and advertising.
You can then build your readership base and become a household brand.
Read more on how to start entertainment blog and make money from it.

8. Start Information Resource Blog

Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria
Everyday, millions of people search for “do it yourself” guides. These searches usually starts with “how to” “what is”, “where to”, “how much”, and more.
These are called self help guides. You can make serious money by providing information based blog for people. Just like Wikihow and lifehack, you can build your own information based blog and drive tons of traffic to it.
There are few information recourse blog in Nigeria. A typical example are,,, and more.
These sites rocks because they have high number of page-views everyday. They make serious money from it through multiple sources; Google AdSense, Paid services, Advertising contracts, eBook Sales, Errand Services and more.
It’s one of the easiest online business to start but be ready to research and write resourced based articles.
Guess on what people may need and write on them. All you need is a cheap but fast web hosting and Entertainment web theme.
Read more on: Make Money Blogging: 16 Step by Step Blueprints For Success

9. Start a News Website

Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria
Like I said in the opening of this post, over 60% of all internet users in Nigeria are reading news. This is one of the niche with the highest number of readers in Nigeria.
With a news website, you are sure that you will have reasonable amount of web traffic considering the number of people who read online news in Nigeria.
The big players in the niche are, Vanguard, Thisday, The Nation, Sunnewsonline,, Sajarareporters.
In fact, we now have over 200 top rated news websites in Nigeria and there is still room for everyone to thrive. The population is so large in such as way that good online strategies can still make money from news niche in Nigeria.
News websites make money from many income sources . Few of them are Google AdSense, advertising contracts,  subscriptions, sponsored contents, and sales of news paper in hard copies.
It’s quite easy to start news website in Nigeria. All you need is a cheap but fast web hosting , a premium news magazine theme.
If you are good in writing, you can write your news or pay new curators to develop news articles for you.
Some people even copy news from other websites and publish in on their websites.This is duplicate contents but I have seen many people making money from it in Nigeria.
Read Now: How to Start a News Blog with WordPress

10. Start a Soccer Analysis Blog

Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria
Do you like football? Can you talk about the game? If yes, just like, you can now own your soccer analysis blog. So many people like football a lot. You can even create a real time footbal results just like
Again, in this time when soccer betting is getting popular, you can make more money from soccer analysis, soccer predictions and betting tips. You can also publish football player transfer news, injury updates, as well as livecores.
There are few sites that focused solely on soccer gist in Nigeria. The likes of, soccerstar are silently make it big online because they virtually don’t have local direct competitors apart from foreign websites.
They make money online through betting affiliate programs, Google AdSense, Direct Ads space sales, advertising contacts and sales of hard copies of their papers.
Don’t sit on the fence anymore. get inspired and start a soccer analysis website and you will be glad you do.
It’s quite simple to start. Simply buy a cheap but fast web hosting , install WordPress on it. Use a premium sports theme and you are good to start.
Follow up latest trend in soccer niche, develop your analysis pattern and grow your audience. the sky can be your starting point.

11. Start a Free Classified Website

Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria
Free classified website is a newcommerce strategy of rocking the web. Its like and directory or a storefront that allows users to list their products or services with their contact details.
Most of the free classified websites rank well in Google and allows users to contact the person who listed the product or services directly. You too can create your own free classified website now.
There are many popular free classified websites in Nigeria. Notable ones are, OLX,, mobofree,,, and more.
They are really rocking the web and their popularity grows with time. Here you don’t waste time to write articles unless you have a blog section. Contents are generated by users to make up their list.
There are limitless sources of income for free classified websites. The key-players make money from direct sales of ads space, sponsored listing, affiliate listings, Google AdSense and more.
Free classified website is one of the way to make money online in Nigeria. You don’t need to break a bank to start a free classified website. What you need is a cheap but fast web hosting .
Then get a ready made free classified template. You can do this using WordPress or direct PHP script. In either way, you will be able to start your own free classified website.

12. Start a directory website

Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria
Business directory website is where all business locations, websites and contacts information are listed for easy accessibility.
It will involve quite a lot of work to develop it. Thought you can focus on listing websites or business in one category.
Sure, in the end you will smile because you can make serious money from it depending on the amount of effort you put to list the available businesses.
You can check out the likes of Vconnect,, and more. There are many others flooding the Nigerian internet marketplace. They make serious money online from premium listing, affiliate links, sales of Ads spaces and Google AdSense.
You can start a business directory website if you are willing to. It’s not hard to start. Simple get a nice domain name, cheap but fast web hosting . Buy a business directory script and install on your server and you are good to go.
After that, you will invest time and money to compile the list of business, their websites and contact information.
Watch the video and see how Listify directory theme works

13. Start a Tech Blog

Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria
Tech blogs covers a lot of niches. It’s a very large niches with sub niches in between. You can focus on recent technology trends, news updates as well as tech tips and tricks.
Just like DIY blogs, tech blog command huge amount of web traffic every month.
You can choose to write on latest smarphones, android aps, windows, ios and more. Anything you can write on any of these topics can bring in money because they are physical and digital product to sell of promote.
Key players in this niche in Nigeria are,,,, and more.
I love this niche so much because you will also have what to write on at any time. There is money in the niche too. many successful bloggers who own tech blogs make money from affiliate sales.
The owner of NaijatechGuide – Pascal Okafor was the first affiliate marketer to make N1,000,000 from Konga Affiliate.  Others like Techcabal also make money from subscription, eBooks sales, Google AdSense, direct sales space ads and more.
If you are passionate about making money online in Nigeria, think of starting a tech niche blog. You can actually start it with a very little budget.
All you need a domain with a nice tech related name, a fast web hosting account and a premium tech theme and you are good to go.

14. Start Music Download Website

Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria
Do you know that over 10,000 musics are being downloaded every day? This is true. Nigerian music is very popular both in Nigeria and abroad.
In fact, from my niche research, I discovered that over 200k people search for keywords related to “nigerian music download”.
So, it means that you can make huge amount of money online if you have a music download website here in Nigeria.
This is a hidden business and few people who do it are enjoying along because there is less competition in this niche. See the like of,,, and more.
They make serious money online via paid download, Paid music listings, direct ads space sales, Google AdSense, membership subscription and more.
It’s quite easy to start music download websites. You don’t need to write much articles. All you need are music files, a nice domain name, a very fast web hosting and a premium music pro theme and you are ready to start.
Be consistence and list both new and old musics on your website. Also, categories it very well in terms of music genre and sources.
Watch the Video and see how music pro theme works

15. Start a Photo Stock Website

xBest 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria
Online photo stock business is a real deal. This is how Getty Images becomes a multi billion Dollar business in the US. Unfortunately, Nigerians are not doing this lucrative business of photography.
Photo stock is an online database of pictures. People uses the free ones while you make money from paid ones.
If you are a photographer, you can use this medium to gain more popularity that can help you hit a life changing shooting contract.
I scanned a whole web and I discovered that only few people do this business. During my research, I only found This is sad considering the hug number of people that needs images for one purpose or the other.
You can make money from premium shots, shooting contracts, advertising and Google AdSense.
fortunately, it’s quite simple to start photoblogging and create a photo stock website. But it’s quite easy to start a photo stock website in Nigeria.
First of all, you will need a high pixel DSLR camera. Once you have that, find a very good domain name, buy a super fast web hosting, buy a photography template and develop your photo stock website. Be consistence and unique in your shots and you will be amazed with the outcome.

16. Start a Food Blog

Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria
Do you want to get high numbers of readers from the US and Europe? if yes, open a food blog and publish how to prepare popular Nigeria dishes.
Nigerian Food blogs enjoys high readership from the US and UK. many people out there are looking for ways to try out Nigerian recipes considering it’s nutritional benefits. So, don’t be left out especially if you know how to cook.
No matter the competition, cooking tips cannot be exhausted. If you are smart enough, you can even bring out new Nigerian food recipes and stun your readers.
The key players in this niche are,,, and few more… They basically make money from sales of new recipes, affiliate marketing, Sales of Cookbooks, Google AdSense, Direct Ads space sales and more.
It’s also easy to start a food blog. All you need is knowledge on how to prepare common Nigerian foods. If you have this, go ahead to find a niche domain name, but cheap but fast web hosting. You can use a free theme for this. Although you can twist your blog up with premium food theme if you have little money.

17. Start Real Estate Property Website

Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria
Real estate will still rock in a highly dynamic country like Nigeria. Currently we are experiencing the emergence of new cities, rapid movement of individuals between one place to another within the country.
This trend has triggered a lot of online business opportunities. One of which is real estate website.
Real estate websites are where properties are listed for sale, lease or rent. This is an age long business that will never fade.
So, you can make more money online if you create a real estate website and list the properties (rooms, flats, warehouses) around you.
You can even develop a larger real estate search engine to the capacity of covering the whole city like Lagos. This means money if you can succeed.
Notable real estate players are,,,,, and many more others.
They make serious money from private premium listings, direct sales agency commission, sales of ads space, subscription services as well as AdSense.
Do you want to make money online? If yes, learn hoe to do it here. It’s really easy to start a real estate website here in Nigeria. Note that you will do a lot of foot-walk and contacts to discover properties that are available for  sale, rent or lease.
Simply get a nice property domain name, buy a cheap but fast web hosting, buy a premium real estate theme and start your real estate website.

18. Start Online Booking Website

Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in NigeriaDo you want to make money online in Nigeria? If yes, consider creating an online booking website. It’s currently rocking.
A booking website is a place where users book for hotels reservation, holiday booking, flight tickets, cinemas, events, car rent and more.
Online booking collaborates with related businesses such as hotels, airlines companies, cinemas, and even managers to get customers into the reservation list.
There is money in this business because, you don’t only make high sales commission but through premium contracts.
There are few online booking websites in Nigeria. Most of them are traveling agents. Notable ones are, and more.
Their work is not just booking and reservation. Like I said, most of them work directly with their merchants and act as visa processing and travel agents. There are many ways that the key players make money from online booking sites.
They make money from their clients in the form of processing fees. They also make money from sales commission from their merchants.
Others ways to make money online from booking website is premium services like visa processing, tour guide as well as premium listings. Other ways are sales of ads spaces, affiliate marketing and Google AdSense.
It’s quite easy to start a booking website here in Nigeria. All you need is a nice domain name, cheap but fast web hosting account and a premium booking theme and you are ready to start. Do your homework and strategies to succeed.
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Watch the video and see how the theme looks like in real life

19. Make Money Online as  Freelance Worker

Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in NigeriaJust like normal life, you can do so many thing to many people on the internet and they pay you. There are quite a number of things you can do. In fact the list is endless. You can write articles online, you can design for someone online and so on.
There are quite a number of websites that you can do this too. A typical example that most Nigerians use are and Both of them pays via Payoneer.
There are quite a number of jobs there. I have few friend who are currently making as much as $50 per day. This is not a big money but it’s enough to wait for the bigger one.
Apart from patronizing the services of freelance websites, you can start your own freelance site. It’s easy to create your won freelance website.
All you need it to get a nice domain name, buy a fast web hosting and get a premium freelance themes to set up your freelance websites.
Here, you can offer many types of direct services to many people who need them. What you will offer depend on what you know. A typical example is myself. I make reasonable of money from the services I offer in the hire me page.
So, if you want to make money online, you can work as a freelance worker by using the strategies I mentioned above. You have to be experienced to succeed.

20. Make Money from YouTube in Nigeria

Best 25 Ways on How to Make Money Online in Nigeria
Do you know that you can make huge amount of money by uploading videos to YouTube and monetizing them? Yes, this is quit true and it’s called vBlogging or Video blogging on YouTube.
Many youtubers who starting vBlogging are now becoming YouTube stars with millions of subscribers.
You don’t need to be a super model to start a YouTube channel. Besides, there are a lot of things to use as content ideas that will interest your viewers.
There are various ways to make money from YouTube. One of it is directly through Google AdSense. Others are indirect ways as a result of direct traffic from your YouTube channel.
You can make money from affiliate product review blog, you can use YouTube to increase your web site or blog traffic which may eventually lead to to AdSense earnings on your blog, more sales, more direct services and more money.
YouTube is a super tool that no one should underestimate. It’s currently the 2nd largest search engine in the world. You can start YouTube channel with just you Google account.
To make money from YouTube, you have to upload only original videos and monetize it. You also need a good camera to capture good videos.
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Those are the major ways you can use to make money online in Nigeria. Just because of you, I have added more 5 bonus points to enhance your information reach.
Why I call it bonus is that, you need to have an audience (like a blog) before you can benefit from implementing them. These are;
21. Information marketing: As simple as the name implies, information marketing is a direct sales of information to someone who needs them.
These information can be in the form of eBook, software, video or podcast. No matter the form, it’s required to solve the buyers problem and put money into the sellers pocket.
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I do this a lot and it’s my main source of online income.
If you are selling information products directly on your website or blog, its advisable to buy and use SSL certification to promote trust.
22. Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is a commission based referral marketing system. It’s simple, you refer someone to buy what they already need and your make money from sales commission. You need a blog to do this.
23. Website and Domain Flipping Business: This is about developing a site or domain name and selling it to other people. I do this a lot and sometimes, the profit is somewhat mouthwatering.
A typical example this online affiliate store: ShopDirect.NG. I developed it and it’s ready for sell. You can buy it if interested.
24. Bulk SMS Websites: Bulk sms websites is where users can signup, make payment online and send bulk sms to many numbers of recipients. It’s one of the way to make money online.
You will need to buy a very fast web hosting, install Joomla and buy SMS delivery system on it and you are ready to launch your bulk sms portal.
25. Make Money from Online Surveys: Online survey is one of the ways to make money online in Nigeria. But this particular idea is yet to be fully exploited due to lack of understanding how it work. You can give it a try and see how it goes.
26. Google AdSense: This is not by best way to make money online but the money do helps. Some months, I do see up to $1,500 or more. You need a serious web traffic at least 5,000 page to make tangible money online.
 27. Commission Junction: This is my favorite when it comes to internet income stream. It’s easy to start commission junction. To make money from commission junction, you have to get a well targeted traffic and an email list. Watch the video below on how to get started with commission junction.